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Cash Registers

A Cash Register (also called as Electronic Cash Register or ECR), is the equipment that completes a sales transaction at a checkout counter of a retail store. The idea of a cash registers has been around since at least the 1880s, and although the basic idea is still the same, much has changed in the way a sales transaction is calculated and recorded. Today's cash registers store item prices (also called PLUs), tax rates, departments, and other data in memory. As a cashier enters or scans an item on the register, it is automatically looked up and the price is calculated. When a transaction is finalized, the entire sale is stored in memory and kept for reporting purposes. Cash registers typically contain a receipt printer and cash drawer and can be attached to a barcode scanner and weighing scale. Cash registers are typically used by small to medium sized businesses such as grocery stores, convenience stores, fast food places, deli's, bakeries, department stores, and other similar establishments. We offer various sizes and configurations of leading brand name cash registers from Sam4s, Uniwell, and others. Call us for a free consultation to discuss the right cash register for your type of business.