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We understand our customers' concern for security and the demand to safeguard personal data on the Internet. That's why we use the latest tools in security to ensure that your shopping experience with us is safe and secure. On certain parts of our web-site, where the address begins with https://, communication sent and received between our server and you is transmitted over the industry standard encrypted transmission, SSL (secured socket layers). This prevents anyone from eavesdropping on the data you submit or request. We take care to handle the data properly once we receive it. We do not retain any financial information used to make payments, so that even in the case of a data compromise, your credit card or other financial details would not be available. The data that we do store is secured through encryption, which mitigates the usefulness of its contents to an unauthorized user. To see what data that we collect, please see our Privacy Policy. We also work hard to maintain a high level of security by keeping our software up-to-date, utilizing firewall and antivirus software, and monitoring our systems for unauthorized access.