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Hospitality Point of Sale Systems


Reflection POS System

Sam4s POS Terminal


Cafeterias / Table Service / Quick Service
Food Consessions / Fast Casual Restaurants
Bars / Ice Cream Parlors / Coffee Shops
Dusty Environments Like Pizza and Bakeries

NCC Reflection POS System

Touch Screen POS Terminal


Powered with an Intel Dual-Core Processor to run under the most demanding applications.

NCC Reflection POS is powered by the most feature-rich software of any product in its class. This system is designed for a wide variety of restaurant concepts including Quick Service, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Pizza Delivery, Bars and Nightclubs. Reflection POS has the funtionality to meet the demands of most restaurant operations and features an embedded operating system that eliminates the risk of software viruses and spyware.

  • 15" LCD with ELO 5-Wire Resistive Touch
  • Intel Celeron 1037U Dual Core 1.8GHz Fanless Processor
  • 2GB Ram Standard; Expandable to 4GB
  • Self-Healing, Fully Data-Redundant Network
  • Integrated Credit Card / Pin Debit / Gift Card Processing
  • Easily Wall Mountable
  • Variety of Optional Integrated Customer Displays
  • Excellent Cable Management


pos custom design screen pos custom tables screen pos custom pizza order screen
Customized graphical table layouts.
Graphic screens guide operators with minimal training.

NCC Reflection POS for Hospitality is Reliable

NCC Reflection POS is a proven POS System with more than 30,000 systems installed in 35 countries around the world. You can rest assured that Reflection POS will be ready to perform when you need it. NCC Reflection POS has the features necessary to effectively and efficiently run restaurants from the small quick service concept up to the large full service table service establishments. Flexibility and reliability are two key aspects of the NCC Reflection POS solution that makes it suitable in a variety of different foodservice concepts.

No Single Point of Failure

NCC Reflection POS is equipped with the most sophisticated, terminal redundant network on the market. Using the integrated high-speed Ethernet, all system information is replicated on every terminal across the TCP/IP network. If a terminal is removed from the LAN, all information is automatically synchronized when the terminal re-enters the network.

Quick Service

NCC Reflection POS is equipped to handle all sizes of quick service operations. It possesses all operational and management functionality that are key to running an efficient QSR operation.

  • Auto-Meal Combination Recognition
  • Coin Changer Support
  • Kitchen Video Support
  • Assign Customer Phone Number for To-Go Orders
  • Dual Drive-Thru Modes
  • Drive-Thru Order Confirmation Board Support
  • Inventory Control Including Recipes and Cost Analysis
  • Order Confirmation Board
Table Service

NCC Reflection POS can be easily designed to allow for various styles of restaurant concepts. From the start of the order process, the various transitions that a guest check can be subjected to are handled quickly and efficiently. Whether in a cashier style operation or full service using a banked wait staff concept, NCC Reflection POS has all of the necessary management control and report tracking to provide an accurate view of the days business.

  • Table and Retained Check Tracking
  • Graphical Table Map
  • Integrated Credit Authorization
  • Server Banking and Cashier Operations
  • Auto Gratuity
  • Inclusive Tax Items
  • Liquor Dispenser Support
  • Assign Names to Bar Tabs
  • Priority Sorting for Kitchen Printers
  • Custom Kitchen Messages
  • Seperate Check Functionality by Item, Seat, or Dollar Amount
  • Split an Item up to 9 ways
  • Combine Check Function
  • Server Transfer, One or All Checks
  • Check Recall by Bar Code Scanner
Online Ordering and Delivery

The NCC Reflection POS delivery module will allow guest checks to be created and assigned to customers for delivery. NCC Reflection POS can maintain a customer file of 9,999 entries which can be accessed and sorted by customer ID number, phone number, address, first and last name, or by city. NCC Reflection POS can create and store new customers on the fly during a first time purchase. When used with PC Workstation NCC Reflection, POS can automatically retrieve order history allowing for fast and accurate order entry. Guest checks created for delivery are managed by the driver dispatch functions where accountablity for delivery orders are assigned to drivers.

  • Create New Customers on the Fly
  • Delivery Notes for Each Customer
  • Retrieve Order History (Requires a "Backoffice" PC Workstation)
  • Personalized Service
  • Assign Orders and Dispatch Drivers
  • Displays Status of Drivers (Ready or En Route)
  • Arrange Tickets for Desired Delivery Route
  • Checks Totals Posted to Driver for Accountability

POS Graphical Buttons POS Order Options Screens POS Custom Screen Layouts
Menu items, condiments, flavors, instructions and options can be placed upon one key. When an item is selected, a specific key displays the options available for the item. You can control how many choices can be made as well as what options display next.


An integrated inventory system accurately tracks product and ingredient usage by way of recipe definitions and product mix information. Item count down feature can signal the wait staff that a particular product is no longer available, while inventory reports provide usage details and food cost information.


With NCC Reflection POS, no back office is required to make changes or additions to the system tables. All menu item, employee, screen design, etc., changes may be performed directly on the POS terminal in an easy to use programming mode using an on screen touch keyboard. Changes are accomplished easily and are immediately available to all stations in the POS system.

Extensive Reporting

NCC Reflection POS has a wide range of real time reports. Reports can be obtained locally at each station or on the back room PC if equipped with the optional PC Workstation software. Report data can also be exported and communicated via FTP push or pull methods for use with accounting software. Detailed information can be obtained by station, system, revenue center, user and many more.

Built in Time Clock

Using the available time clock feature, NCC Reflection POS helps managers capture the valuable information necessary to control labor costs. Employee clock in/out procedures can either be performed by numeric entry, magnetic card or digital I-Button. Security levels assigned by job codes provide the controls necessary to access POS functions. Detailed time clock reports will provide employee punch time data with accumulated pay period totals, as well as additional reports to provide critical labor to sales information.

Hospitality POS System

sam4s spt-4740 pos with 15" rear display sam4s spt-4740 pos with 7" rear display sam4s spt-4740 pos with vfd rear display sam4s spt-4740 pos rear access
Optional Integrated 15" Rear LCD Customer Display
Optional Integrated 7" Rear LCD Customer Display
Optional Integrated VFD Customer Display
Tool-Free Access to Hard Drive and RAM Optimized Serviceability

System Features
  • 15" ELO LCD with LED Backlighting
  • Integrated Triple Track Card Reader
  • Customizable Graphics and Layouts
  • Ounce/Pound Scale Interface
  • Age Verification
  • Self-Healing, Fully Data-Redundant Network
  • End-of-Day Data Sent to Corporate FTP Site
  • Extensive Sales and Labor Reporting
Options and Upgrades
  • Integrated VFD Customer Display (2 Lines x 20 Characters)
  • Integrated 15", 9.7" or 7" LCD Customer Displays
  • Integrated Fingerprint Reader
  • WiFi Module
  • Wall Mount Bracket with Standard VESA Configuration

  • Table Service
  • Fast Casual
  • Quick Service
  • Concessions
  • Cafeterias
  • Ice Cream / Yogurt
  • Coffee Shops
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Pizza

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