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Scale Calibration

Scale calibration is the process of adjusting the accuracy of a scale by way of comparing to test weights whose exact weight is known. We provide complete scale calibration services throughout the Chicago land area and surrounding cities in Illinois.

Why you should calibrate your retail scale:

  • Laws, Rules, and Regulations require scales to be calibrated.

    Scales used in commercial, retail applications, where products are sold by weight, must undergo a regular schedule of inspection for compliance to standards for accuracy. Inspectors from the city or state show up unexpectedly to test the calibration.

  • Violations are issued for uncalibrated scales.

    When the inspector determines a scale to be inaccurate, a violation is issued. Depending on the severity of the error, the scale can be issued a rejected/warning tag, or it can be be placed out of service. In addition, a costly fine can be issued or a mandatory court appearance may be imposed requiring the presence of a lawyer.

  • Loss of Money results from poorly calibrated scales.

    Inaccurate scales cause your business to lose money.

    An Over-Weighing scale will be be placed out of service and cannot be used until calibrated by a certified technician. The downtime can cause large losses for a business that depends on using their scales.

    An Under-Weighing scale is usually issued a warning tag, but still requires calibration by a certified technician within 5 days to avoid penalties. A scale that is under-weighing can cause a large loss of revenue. Even a 0.01lb inaccuracy can lead to large losses. For example, just 1 deli scale servicing 100 customers per day with an average item price of $2.99/lb equals to a yearly loss of $1091. The losses quickly add up where there are multiple scales with larger inaccuracies and a high number of customers.

Scale Calibration Process.

During our Calibration Service, we go over the necessary scale calibration procedure to get your scale back in operation:

    • We perform a preliminary test to determine the amount of error.
    • Calibrate using lab certified stainless steel NIST classified test weights.
    • Perform a final test to ensure proper calibration.
    • Perform a shift test to ensure the weight is stable across the entire platter.
    • Seal as required and place an approval sticker.
    • Place in service.
    • Submit a "placed in service" report to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Professional and Knowledgeable Scale Calibration Service:

  • We are a registered service company with the Illinois Department of Agriculture to calibrate scales.
  • Our registered technicians meet all the qualifications of the State of Illinois and have experience working with a large variety of scales.

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